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Why Choose Us?

Artisan Rug Washing Company started as a result of  seeing a need for a professional, hand-washed rug cleaning company in the Palm Coast area.  After being in the carpet cleaning and restoration business for over 12 years with our sister company, Healthy Home Carpet Care, many of our clients asked if we could clean their Oriental rugs. We found that a vast majority of these heirloom rugs were improperly cared for by previous inexperienced carpet cleaners and were done with the same equipment and chemistry that carpets were cleaned with!


Standard wall-to-wall carpeting can withstand heavy abuse, high temperatures, and high-alkalinity; fine woven oriental rugs cannot.  The solutions used in fine rug cleaning are far different from wall to wall carpet cleaning in terms of Ph levels.  Rugs with vegetable dyes need to be cleaned with agents that are < 5 Ph or problems could result, usually with dyes migrating or possible damage to the cuticle on the wool fibers.  Standard carpet cleaning chemicals are on the alkaline side, usually around 9.5 - 10 Ph...great for cleaning up nasty soils on nylon carpet, but very damaging to your fine oriental rug!!


Our cleaning processes are not just Ph balanced, but also gentle to your rug.  Some rugs are so fine that we will use only the softest horse hair brush to agitate them.  We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all mentality with cleaning rugs - every rug is unique in its construction and age, so fragile antique rugs are treated differently than an olefin machine-woven rug for instance.


Our process mimics the way rugs are traditionally cleaned - with plenty of cool running water to flush out contaminates!


Besides being rug washers, we collect rugs ourselves personally and enjoy the beauty of these masterpieces!  Please inquire about our collection as we do buy and sell rugs occasionally and we love to discuss rugs!


We Have a Passion For Rugs!





Did you know...

Your rugs, whether hand-knotted, antique family heirlooms or modern, machine-woven accent pieces -- are representative of your style and your home.  They are an investment, truly works of art.  Properly caring for them takes a true Artisan.


We are are a boutique rug washing company...many larger rug washing facilities use large machinery to wash rugs in an assembly-line fashion, not us!  Our Hand-Washed process starts with a thorough pre-inspection of your rug and ends with your complete satisfaction.


Rugs should be cleaned every 2-3 years of normal use; rugs that are in heavy traffic areas or exposed to pets or children should be cleaned at least yearly.

What Your Neigbors Are Saying About Us

We know that you can't always believe what a company says about itself or its service... But you certainly can believe what our clients have to say! 

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