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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I just call a carpet cleaner to clean my rugs?

Your typical carpet cleaner is not properly trained or have the proper equipment and techniques to clean fine textiles!

If  your rugs are cleaned the same way wall to wall carpets are cleaned, immediate (Color bleeding) or long term damage (Mold / Mildew, Dry Rot) could result, effectively reducing the value and condition of your rug.


 Also, one of the most important steps - Dusting - cannot be performed in your home; without proper dusting, the soil will turn in to a muddy paste and remain on the base of the fibers abrading them over time.


When using a carpet cleaner service (Or trying to wash it yourself), chances are that your rug will develop a musty smell because of extended dry times - We use special drying and moisture removal equipment, and every rug is checked with a very sensitive moisture meter; every rug must be < 7% humidity (virtually bone dry) before wrapping.

Do you have any specials going on now?

Due to the nature of our profession, we are not a "discount" or a "coupon" cleaner by any means!  That being said, we do offer various discounts on services at times. Give us a call at 386-585-0797 for any discounts we may have right now.


What type of rugs do you clean?

We clean all types including handmade orientals such as antique Persian and Chinese rugs, Silk rugs, dhurries, kilim rugs, machine made rugs, tufted rugs, and many others.


Will the stains come out?

It depends - due to the origin of the stain, some stains may be permanent. We will always do our best to correct the problem!


Can you remove pet stains?

Pet urine goes down hot and acidic and becomes alkaline over time.  On synthetic rugs there is a greater chance of removal than on wool fibers. Urine stains on wool fibers can be permanent in many cases. That being said, we may be able to remove or at least lighten up some urine stains and have done so successfully at times!


Can you remove pet urine odor from my rug?

Yes we can!  We offer a 100% guarantee pet urine odor removal on MOST woven rugs - even Cat urine odors!


Do you clean the fringe?

Absolutely!  Fringes are usually dirtier than the rest of the rug so we pay special attention to them.


Do you offer moth proofing, deodorizing and protectant?

Yes we do!  Look under our service page and you will find a listing of our beneficial services.


How long does it take to clean my rugs?

Depending on your rug and our backlog, it may take one to two weeks from when we receive your rugs until delivery. Please call for our current backlog.


Do you pick up and deliver?

Yes, we do pick up and deliver rugs in our service area for a nominal fee.  Please call for a price quote and an appointment for us to evaluate and pick up your rugs!


What are your hours?

Our office is open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. 

Did you know...

Your rugs, whether hand-knotted, antique family heirlooms or modern, machine-woven accent pieces -- are representative of your style and your home.  They are an investment, truly works of art.  Properly caring for them takes a true Artisan.


We are are a boutique rug washing company...many larger rug washing facilities use large machinery to wash rugs in an assembly-line fashion, not us!  Our Hand-Washed process starts with a thorough pre-inspection of your rug and ends with your complete satisfaction.


Rugs should be cleaned every 2-3 years of normal use; rugs that are in heavy traffic areas or exposed to pets or children should be cleaned at least yearly.

What Your Neigbors Are Saying About Us

We know that you can't always believe what a company says about itself or its service... But you certainly can believe what our clients have to say! 

Our Service Area

We gladly serve most of Northeast Florida!  Here are the towns we serve and all points in between:



  • Palm Coast

  • Ormond Beach

  • St. Augustine

  • Anastasia Island

  • Daytona Beach

  • Daytona Beach Shores

  • Wilbur by the sea

  • Ponce Inlet

  • New Smyrna Beach

  • Flagler Beach

  • Bunnell

  • Port Orange

  • Ponte Vedra

  • Vilano Beach

  • St. Johns (east of 95)

  • World Golf Village

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