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Pet Urine Odor Removal

Pets are like children to their owners; we love them as our own! But unfortunately, just like children, these precious members of our families can have accidents, too.


If not taken care of properly, pet urine can cause quite a bit of damage, especially on fine textiles such as rugs.  The urine is hot and acidic and turns into an alkaline over time, damaging the fibers and dyes,  

and leaving quite a stinky mess!  Whats left also is urine crystals and bacteria that will become very pungent.

These urine salts need to be removed before permanent damage can occur.


Our specialized pet urine decontamination process will remove the odors from most woven rugs - guaranteed!

After thorough dusting we will bathe your rug in a pH balanced urine treatment and allow it to dissolve the urine salts and their odors. after the treatment, we will flush your rug out with hundreds of gallons of fresh water to remove the dissolved urine salts (and their odors) leaving you with a fresh clean rug!

Did you know...

Your rugs, whether hand-knotted, antique family heirlooms or modern, machine-woven accent pieces -- are representative of your style and your home.  They are an investment, truly works of art.  Properly caring for them takes a true Artisan.


We are are a boutique rug washing company...many larger rug washing facilities use large machinery to wash rugs in an assembly-line fashion, not us!  Our Hand-Washed process starts with a thorough pre-inspection of your rug and ends with your complete satisfaction.


Rugs should be cleaned every 2-3 years of normal use; rugs that are in heavy traffic areas or exposed to pets or children should be cleaned at least yearly.

What Your Neigbors Are Saying About Us

We know that you can't always believe what a company says about itself or its service... But you certainly can believe what our clients have to say! 

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