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Your local experts for hand-washed rugs and fine textiles

Artisan Rug Washing Company is a small, family owned business specializing in the hand washing of Oriental rugs and textiles. Utilizing modern equipment, we use old world cleaning methods that have remained relatively unchanged for thousands of years. Every rug or textile is cleaned by hand for a beautiful result.  We have many different cleaning processes at our disposal to choose from in order to provide the safest and most thorough rug cleaning methods for your fine rugs. 


We are not a high production rug cleaning facility.  We do not run your rug through an automated  "car wash style" machine or wash your rug in a large tub with other rugs.  Rather, each rug is unique and receives specialized cleaning and care at our facility located conveniently in Palm Coast off of route one; just a short drive from Daytona and St. Augustine, and all areas in between!


It is our knowledge and experience that keeps your oriental rugs safe throughout the cleaning process.  Hand washing, rinsing and dry cleaning is available for any delicate rug, including fine silks.  Even rugs with difficult pet odors are no match for our cleaning! 

All Oriental and hand woven rugs must be hand cleaned, or their value may be diminished or even ruined. Valuable rugs are damaged everyday by untrained cleaners. To protect your investment, please call us for advice.


We are passionate about Rugs!
Rug Washing
Rug Treatments
Pet Odor Removal

Your rugs, whether hand-knotted, antique family heirlooms or modern, machine-woven accent pieces -- are representative of your style and your home.  They are an investment, truly works of art.  Properly caring for them takes a true Artisan.


We are are a boutique rug washing company...many larger rug washing facilities use large machinery to wash rugs in an assembly-line fashion, not us!  Our Hand-Washed process starts with a thorough pre-inspection of your rug


Our company offers different treatments and services for your fine textiles!


Besides full-immersion washing we also provide:

  • Dry / Low Moisture Cleaning

  • Color Correction

  • Mothproofing

  • Specialized Spotting

  • Deodorizing

  • Pet Stain / Odor Treatments

  • Protective Finishes

  • Smoke & Water Damage Restoration

For many people, pets are an important part of the family.  Many times pets are like "children" to pet owners; they can do no wrong!  But, like children, they can have accidents...and its usually on your precious rug!


Our rug washing service and treatments can eliminate those odors caused by pet accidents.  By using gentle wool-safe urine treatments and specialized washing methods we can safely remove odors caused by urine.

Providing the finest rug care to Northeast Florida 
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